Great playlist! Love this.

(1) Yet another suggestion is "Living in a Ghost Town" - the Rolling Stones.

(2) Here's are articles on Country Music and how popular it's been during this era:


(3) https://www.billboard.com/pro/how-pandemic-inspiring-country-creators-songwriters/

Although there's still a great deal of irrational fear of Covid in the industry, many have taken a far more more relaxed view than the mainstream. Fans & artists seem either to fall into the frightened, stay home or go masked and vaccinated crowd, or into the rebellious, unmasked, unrepentant, unvaccinated crowd.

Whatever camp these fall into Covid has proved great for music writing, performance and production. Studios & musicians are booked and very busy. The musicians I know personally are very inspired and working at 150% capacity. Much of the work produced is in pre-release.

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Thank you...!! ❤️🎼🇺🇸

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Nice selection, need a playlist!

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